A great weekend with Breitling

Just wanted to share some pics from this weekend. The Swedish Airforce celebrated its 90th anniversary and Molle and I got invited to celebrate the occasion with Breitling during a celebratory weekend at the Malmen airport in Linköping (Sweden)


During the Friday we got to ride the airplanes pictured above sitting on the top wing. Pretty cool.

We also got the opportunity to take a ride in one of the Swedish Black Hawk helicopters, that was seriously awesome, the pilot drove as if he had stolen it.

We also got to see some Breitlings of course. This emergency is worn by the civil SAAB JAS39 Gripen Pilots.

imageAvenger Hurricane, 50mm, super light and 24-HRS time display. Hopefully soon in a review by yours truly.

imageMy Aerospace Evo Night Mission

A great weekend!  🙂

A great weekend with Breitling

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