New arrival: SEIKO Superior 9983-8000


(Catalogue picture from 1980)

1979 when the quartz crisis was in full bloom SEIKO released the 9983 movement, a HAQ (high accuracy quartz) with double quartz crystals and thermo compensation. Specs are +-5 seconds/year and this model cost about 3 times as much as a Rolex Submariner the same year. +-5 spy is still 2016 the best spec available for a quartz watch.


The 9983-8000 is one of the two original models released 1979 and it is of course very rare to find today .

The integrated bracelet and the coarse surface makes it a real stunner imho. The all applied markings of the dial look great and the dial structure resembles paper.


New arrival: SEIKO Superior 9983-8000

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