New arrival: Grand SEIKO SBGA127



xxx/700 limited edition, 40mm titanium case, 9R65 spring drive movement (+-1spd), see through caseback.


This model was released 2015 as part of the heritage line celebrating the 62GS. There is however a big difference compared to the mechanical SBGR095 (released 2015) and the quartz SBGV009 (released 2014 as part of the heritage line) which are pretty much replicas of the “selfdater” and the 62GS. That difference is that the SBGA127 has the overall aesthetics and shapes of the 62GS but with a modern twist. I would rather call it “inspired by” than a modern replica.


The case lacks a glass ring which makes the glass protrude more than on versions with glass ring present. Brushed and polished parts are smartly interlaced which makes for a very interesting case that can be studied for hours.

As usuall with spring drive GS models you get a see through case back displaying the beautiful mountain inspired movement bridge and the spring drive escapement. A great detail is the hiding lion logo on the crystal which only can be seen at certain angles.


The 40mm x 12,8mm titanium case and the great 5 piece bracelet makes this a lightweight piece and you easily forget that you are wearing it.

With GS, LE means LE so you are not likely to see this watch model on a wrist or in a shop near you. Once they are sold out GS LE models seem to disappear from the market.


New arrival: Grand SEIKO SBGA127

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