New arrival: Credor GCBP997


Credor GCBP997, 40mm SS case, year 2000.


Features: 6s78 Automatic column wheel chronograph movement (28800bph), integrated bracelet, tachymeter, telemeter.

Credor is a SEIKO line exclusive to Japan that has lived side by side with the more known Grand SEIKO line. Credor models are usually released in very small batches and for short periods of time.

Credor has a big variation when it comes to models, from haute horologie to ladies Quartz watches. While Grand SEIKO is known for clean designs, Credor is known for designing watches with more Japanese aesthetics, often with light porcelain dials and sometimes with gems and diamonds.

Though unknown, make no mistake about it, the GCBP997 is a premium watch. The dial is high gloss with a glass like finish and with subdials resembling the sapphire bezel of the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. The chrono seconds and running seconds hands are both closed.


I would say the overall quality of the watch is on par with GS and the 6s78 movement share a lot of architecture with the mechanical 9S GS movement.  As such the GCBP997 is as close to a GS chronograph you can come today and as such it’s probably the best mechanical chronograph ever released by SEIKO making it a fantastic watch.n


New arrival: Credor GCBP997

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