New arrival: Sinn 103


The Sinn 103 has been around for quite some time and there has been a few small changes over the years. The picture above is from a 1993 Sinn catalogue.


Nowadays it’s sold as an automatic (Valjoux 7750) with day+date but the one I just bought has a manual wind Valjoux 7760. I emailed Sinn to ask for the exact year but Sinn oddly didn’t register serial numbers on watches sold until 1998 so all they could tell me is that the watch is older than 1998.

Sinn changed ownership 1994 and before that they probably only sold directly to their customers. A lot has changed since then.


The 7760 movement was released 1985 so that makes this watch from 1985-1997. During this period Sinn watches had “SWISS MADE” on the dial. The domed acrylic crystal is wonderful and I really like the patina the hands, dial and case has developed over the years.


A great thing about this model is that parts are still available since Sinn hasn’t changed much over the years. You can still buy original crowns, service the movement easily and even buy a new steel bracelet for it.


The case has a perfect 41mm size which makes it wear great regardless of strap option. The crown is screw down and the WR is 10ATM (20ATM on current models).

New arrival: Sinn 103

6 thoughts on “New arrival: Sinn 103

  1. Raf says:

    Great watches…especially your 7760 Sinn 103. I was looking at my 103 (a 7750 with the steel rimmed domed sapphire and screw down pushers), and noticed that the lug ends are straight, instead of angled away from the case like on most 103’s. I googled vintage 103’s to try and find more like mine and found yours. Interesting, At first I theorized that perhaps we have late early 103’s, but like my dial and hands, yours is not a “T” dial. I will email Sinn and see what they think. Drop me a note if you want to know what they say.


  2. Antje Rendelmann says:

    The watch is from 1988-1992
    in this time it was normal to write only swiss made.
    Regards Antje


  3. river rat says:

    I have the same model Sinn 103 with 7760 movement and Bund style sweep hand but my second hand is different. Below a phot of it. Had a time getting the sweep hand to reset at the twelve took me two different watchmakers to get it right.


  4. Benjamin says:

    I’ve got one of these as well. Same hands set (including seconds) as Yonsson, but the condition is closer to River Rat’s. Also no T-Dial. Happy to send pics if anyone is interested. I’d love to learn more about this model if you guys have any more details. RAF, I’m not sure what you meant about the lug ends being different? I’ve never owned a modern 103 and from photos the difference isn’t immediately apparent to me. Could you show me a picture of the differing area?


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